Make your at home art making experieince MORE FUN and LESS MESSY!

Bring a little piece of the Dots and Doodles Studio home with your Curbside Order with the Open Studio @ Home Kit. 


 Included are a few helpful items we use at the studio when painting to help make art masterpieces all while containing the mess!


Included in this Kit:

  • 3 Large sheets of table paper to cover art making area (and a couple color pencils to decorate)
  • Plastic Paint Brush Wash Cup & Lid
  • Paper Towels


Optional Add-ons:

  • Painting Apron - $7
  • Foldable Alluminium Table Easel - $15
  • Brush Cleaner and Preserver  - $10

Open Studio @ Home Kit

Optional Add-ons
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