We are very excited to make you a CUSTOM gift!

Please choose a size plate/platter.  Pictured above (Rectangular and Circular Platters).  In the “Custom Text” field you can note “exactly” what wording you would like on the plate.  Please denote FRONT or BACK and which wording is a large title, smaller names or years. 

Ex: Front: Daddy’s Grilling Platter (large title) 2020 at bottom

Back: Love, Laura and Scott 


Plate/Platter Options Note: Dinner plates can fit approx 2 toddler hands or 1 elementary age hand.  Charger plates can fit approx 3-4 toddler hands or 2-3 elementary age hands.  Platters can fit approx 8 toddler hands or 3-5 elementary and older hands. 


  • Circle Rim Dinner Plate (11”)
  • Circle Rim Charger (13”)
  • Square Rim Dinner (11”)
  • Square Rim Charger (13”)
  • Rectangular Platter with Handles (16”)
  • Circular Platter with Handles (16”)


Pricing is based on design complexity and size of piece. The price shown above is the cost of the custom writing, design, and firing of the piece. Once you choose a plate/platter size the total price will be calculated. 


If you have any questions about ordering  or would like to make a custom order - please text 724-831-7004 or email laura@dotsanddoodlesart.com and we will be happy to help!


Our artists will be in touch with you to confirm final detail and design options and to organize a time for you do stop into the studio to complete the handprints.

Daddy is King of the Grill Platter

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