The Ulitmate Easter Decoration Kit!   Kit includes 12 ceramic easter eggs and ceramic basket, glazes, brushes, kiln firing, and plastic egg cartons for easy transport to and from studio and safe keeping!  Learn how to create some EGG-ceptional designs with our step by step instructions! 



  • 12 Ceramic Easter Eggs and Ceramic Basket
  • Step-by-Step Instructions (with photos)
  • Plastic Wrap/Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper (for safe travel to home and back)
  • Corresponding Glazes for step by step instructions 
  • Kiln Firing

Deluxe Easter Egg and Basket Kit

  • The studio will be open for order pickups from Wednesday - Sunday 10am-6pm

    Orders will be ready approximately 48 hours after they are placed* 

    Customers will receive a text message when projects are ready.