Pottery & Canvas Paint Brush Bundled Set - (Reccomended Addition to Curbside Orders of both Pottery and Canvas Projects) - Suggested 1 Set Per Artist


Complete your Curbside Art order with a full set of 10 paint brushes ranging in size and shape to help you make your canvas and pottery project a masterpiece.


Includes: 6 Canvas Brushes and 4 Pottery Brushes of differing sizes and shapes


The kiln firing of pottery is a tempermental process and we have found that avoiding "cross contamination" of paints and glazes with brushes is key for acheiving the best result during firing.  At the studio we have two entirely different sets and types of brushes so we feel you should to, supplement your order today with a brand new set of paint brushes!


More than one artist painting? We suggest adding a set of brushes for each artist, each set will only come with one of each shape/size of brush.


Pottery & Canvas Paint Brush Bundled Set - (Curbside Art)

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