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Who says painting is just for an art studio?

Our canvas kits make it easy to paint anywhere! 


All canvas kits include: pre-sketched canvas, paints, brushes, paper to cover the workspace, and step by step photo instructions. 


Paint step by step with our photos and read tips and suggestions along the way!

Kits are organized in levels for painters of all abilities!


Wrapped like a package, Canvas kits make great gifts for artists of all ages, a family gathering, or fun at home activity!

canvas kits

canvas levels

level 1

  • Uses simple figures using familiar shapes

  • One-Step directions

  • Explores basic artistic techniques

  • 2-5 Step Projects (Typically 30 to 45 mins)

level 2

  • Use simple and moderately complex images and shapes

  • Combination of one and multi-step directions

  • Explores basic and fundamental artistic techniques

  • 5 to 10 Step Projects (Typically ~ 1 hour)

level 3

  • Uses moderate to complex figures and shapes

  • Multi-Step Directions

  • Explores fundamental to intermediate artistic techniques

  • 10-15 Step Projects (Typically 1 to 1.5 hours)

level 4

  • Uses complex figures and shapes

  • Complex multi-step directions

  • Explores intermediate to advanced artistic techniques

  • 15 to 20 Step Projects (Typically 1.5+ hours)

level 5

  • Uses complex figures and shapes

  • Complex multi-step directions

  • Explores advanced artistic techniques

  • 20+ Step Projects (Typically 2+ hours)




Let us help you put the FUN back in FUNdraising!  We create canvases, take orders, pack kits and donate to your organization! Our current FUNdraisers shown below. 

All canvas painting orders include: pre-sketched canvases, paints, brushes, and step by step instructions. 

Interested in FUNdraising for your organization? Call the studio 724-831-7018

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