• Any Occasion: Birthdays, Ladies' Night Out, Team - Building, Bachelorette, Bridal/Baby Shower, etc

  • Any Activity: Canvas painting, Paint Your Own Pottery, Wine/Beer Glasses, Mixed Media Projects

  • Anywhere: Celebrate in our space or we will travel to you!

  • Any age: grand-babies to grandparents

  • Any size: min 8 artists - max 35 artists (in our space) Have more?  Schedule an off-site event




  • Choose: your image (the host selects ahead of time)

  • Enjoy: our staff instructs artists through the pre-sketched canvas step-by-step

  • Take: your masterpiece home that day to display 



  • Choose: your glasses: (red wine, stemless, pilsner, beer steins, or ornaments)

  • Enjoy: our staff instructs artists through glass painting step-by-step (each artists will select a design of their choosing)

  • Take: your masterpiece home that day to display 



  • Choose: your ceramic piece (mugs, bowls, plates, platters, home decor, and seasonal)

  • Enjoy: our staff instructs artists through ceramic painting step-by-step offering tips, techniques, and suggestions

  • Pick-up: our staff will kiln fire the piece and notify artists when ready for pick-up


  • Choose: each artist chooses their art: canvas painting, paint your own pottery, glass painting, or mixed media projects

  • Enjoy: our staff instructs artists through their projects, offering tips, techniques, and suggestions

  • Take/Pick-up: take your canvas, glass, or mixed media project home that day or our staff will kiln fire ceramics and notify artists when ready for pick-up


  • Choose: your date - events can be book any day of the week when our space is free (or yours!)

  • Enjoy: our staff will guide you through the booking process, reserving a time/date, helping to select the activity

  • Book now: please start by filling out the "private event request" form

Private Event policies

​By booking an Event with Dots and Doodles you agree to all the terms listed below:

  • Booking

    • A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. The deposit will be one artists' fee for the event.  The studio will send a link to the event host, to a private event page on the studio's website.  The host will share the link for all artists to register and pay for the event.  All artists must be registered and paid 5 days prior to the event. 

  • Cancellation

    • The event can be cancelled at any time. The deposit will not be returned. The time or the day of the party can be changed at any time (to an available time slot).

  • Behavior

    • The studio reserves the right to expel any guest from an event for exhibiting behavior that may cause harm to him/herself, other artists, or staff. Guests expelled will not be permitted to return, nor will they receive a refund. Such behaviors include, but are not limited to, hitting, kicking, biting, sexual harassment, and/or possessing weapons or illegal substances. In the event of a minor student, a parent or guardian will be contacted to pick up the guest immediately if any such behavior occurs.

  • Overtime Fees and Policies

    • The studio expects events to end at the scheduled time. IF the event is running late due to studio error - no fees will be charged. IF guests would like extra time to complete projects, more time to celebrate, or additional time in the studio - additional fees will be charged.