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 Dear Doodle Family,


We love making art with our Doodle family during the holidays!


This year we were inspired by an artist in open-studio who shared one of their Christmas traditions was to do something every day in December as a FAMILY. The activity can be small or large, free or not-so-free, 20 minutes or a few hours. It is an activity excitedly anticipated during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It is a time to pause and enjoy family.


This was our inspiration for our first annual DOODLEmas!


Each of the first twelve days in December we will send an email with a fun family centered doodlin' activity! Some of them will be FREE and some of them will not be ;).


All activities can be ordered through our website and picked up in the studio

(think giant coloring pages, trimming the "tree," decorating a gingerbread house, etc.)


This holiday we want you to enjoy time as a family because we sure love that you are part of ours! 


 Thank you! Happy Holidays and stay tuned...


Laura and Wendy