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KEVINNNNNNNN!!!!!!  We may forget some things - but we will never forget our favorite Christmas movies!  The......the.....the....GRINCH face ornament.  A most FRAGILE leg lamp ornament, Cousin Eddie's camper van, Buddy the Elf's WORLDS BEST CUP OF COFFEE!, and our filthy animal sweater!  Relive and rewatch these movies as you paint this amazing ornaments!


This Ornament Kit Includes:

- 5 Ceramic Ornaments: 3D RV/Camper Van Ornament, Grinch Face Ornament, Leg Lamp Ornament, 3D Coffee Cup Ornament,  Sweater Ornament

Choice of:

- Ceramic Glazes: Sour Apple, Irish Luck, Ruby Slippers, Tuxedo, Cotton Tail, Raw Hide, Blue Yonder, Chocolate Moose

- Acrylic Paints


- 1 Medium Detail Brush

- 1 Small Detail Brush


- If Pottery is painted with pottery glaze it will need to be returned to the studio for firing. If pottery is painted with acrylic paints there will be mod podge included in the kit to give the ornaments a "shiny" overcoat. 


Christmas Movie Marathon Ceramic Ornament Pack

    • Paint your own pottery will be painted with glaze and require transport back to studio for kiln firing. 
    • Pottery must be painted with ONLY the glaze provided by the studio.  If pottery is painted with any other glaze/paint it will be returned to the customer unfired/as is.
    • By taking pottery out of the studio the customer assumes responsibility for condition of pottery. 
    • Curbside pottery pickup will be wrapped. Please return the pottery to studio in same manner to ensure that the pottery can be fired correctly for the best result! 
    • Once ceramic pieces leave the studio, Dots and Doodles is NOT responsible for damages NOR is it responsible for issues that may occur during kiln firing. 
    • Pottery is to be returned to the studio within 30 days of pick up.
    • Once pottery is painted and returned to the studio, pottery will be fired in kiln and customer will be notified when finished and ready for pick up (approx 2 weeks after return).
    • Studio will keep pottery for 90 days once fired. 

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