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welcome to doodleU!

DoodleU is an all encompassing at home art education experience! Artists of all ages and skill levels are invited to create masterpieces, learn new skills and techniques, grow an art portfolio, and most importantly have fun! Below you will find a variety of video lessons, media tutorials, games, and links to fully interactive webpages that correspond to doodle boxes and project packs. 

let's get



we can't wait to doodle with YOU!  

have fun exploring our FREE tutorials, games, and more!  Purchase a project or doodle box and unlock access to a fully interactive doodleU online course with video instruction, bonus projects, games, and more! 


how it


  • browse our project packs and doodle boxes

  • choose your theme

  • choose curbside pick up or shipping


  • sign up for an account 

  • our team will grant you access to the corresponding course page to your project or doodle box


  • explore the doodleU page for tutorials, games, and more while you wait for admittance to your course page

  • once admitted - you will receive email notification


  • have fun!

  • complete the doodle box projects following along to the full instructional videos, slideshows and more! 


how it works


doodle boxes

doodle boxes

boxes include between four and six major themed projects, as well as a few bonus projects, games, and tutorials. explore different types of media including: acrylic paints, watercolor paints, pencils, color pencils, oil pastels, sculpting materials, and more! 

the boxes are loaded with all the supplies and materials needed for one artist to complete every project.  doodle boxes also contain table papers to cover work area, watercolor paper packs, drawing paper packs, canvases, brushes, paints, coloring utensils, and more! 

get artsy on your schedule, spacing the projects out or feel free to complete your projects in a couple of days.

each doodle box is paired with a unique doodleU course page - an all-inclusive learning space loaded with video lessons, art games, bonus tutorials, and more! 

We don’t have any products to show here right now.


project packs

more info and project packs coming soon!

let's doodleU:



purchase a project pack or doodle box and unlock access to the corresponding doodleU course page.  each course page is fully interactive with video lessons, bonus games, tutorials and more!  complete a course or project pack and earn a doodleU diploma! 


holiday doodle box


under the sea: ocean adventure


let's get wild: art safari


doodle to infinity and beyond: art exploration

learn with


how to use graphite paper

learn how to use graphite paper and your project tracers

acrylic paints: set-up, brushes, and techniques

learn how to set up your painting space, about the different kinds of brushes, how to care for them, and basic painting techniques




colored pencil and marker cactus

learn how to blend and layer colored pencils and basic illustration techniques using markers

watercolor and watercolor pencil fish project

create this beautiful fish project while learning the basics of watercolors and watercolor pencils

oil pastel landscape

learn how to paint pottery using smooth and consistent brush strokes, how to make details, marks, etc.

have a

doodle box?

doodle box


enroll in doodleU

  • in the top right of this page choose "log in/sign up" and follow the prompts to create an account

doodle box


wait for admittance

  • once you create an account through doodleU our team will have to give you permission to access your doodleU course page (allow up to 24 hours for admittance)

  • while you are waiting -explore this doodleU page, warming up with the bonus projects, experimenting with media in the tutorials, play some games, and more

doodle box


start doodling!

  • find your course page and get familiar with the projects

  • complete the projects at your leisure following along with the videos, slideshows, and instructions

doodle box



  • finish your project? share with us on social media: using the tag #doodleU #dotsanddoodles

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earn your diploma

  • complete and share your projects and earn your first doodleU diploma!

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