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a place to celebrate and share artwork.  send us pictures of your completed artwork and we will share with our doodling family! tag us on social media #dotsanddoodles







doodle boxes


summer camp: june 15 - 19

ages 10-14: art safari: mixed media

students created a 3-d animal painting, chalk pastel under the sea animal, watercolor bird, 3-d layered shadowbox, and animal mug

ages 5-9: art exploration

students created a mixed media space canvas, eygptian sunset canvas painting, dinosaur canvas painting, and an arctic or under the sea drawing


summer camp: june 22-26

ages 10-14: drawing

students created an oil pastel dessert, colored pencil animal, graphite animal, and a watercolor pencil flower

ages 5-9: clayful doodlers:clay camp

students created a ceramic fish tile, pinch pot creatures, under the sea mixed media shipwreck, and pottery fish


summer camp: july 6-10

ages 10-14: painting

students created a landscape painting, food canvas painting, watercolor birds, and an abstract animal painting

ages 5-9: magical doodlers: disney camp

students created a castle shadowbox, flounder and/or a patch animation cel, up and/or mary poppins canvas painting, and an under the sea landscape


summer camp: july 13-17


ages 10-14: harry potter

students created a landscape painting, model magic 

ages 5-9: art safari: animal camp

students created a peacock collage, fish canvas paintings, animal prints, chameleon and/or frog colored pencil, and turtle oil pastel

summer camp: july 6-10

ages 5-9: clayful doodlers:gnome clay camp

students created pinch pot gnomes, flower plaques, mushroom collages, gnome canvases, model magic sculptures, and gnome mugs


summer camp: august 3-7

ages 10-14: mixed media

students created a stacking 3-d shadowbox landscape, animal pattern project, and cactus studies

ages 5-9: crazy mixed up doodler: mixed media

students created a beach and/or flower collage, ice cream cone oil pastel drawing, 3-D canvases, and colored pencil owls