From Supplies to Projects we've got you covered.  Whether its watercolor paints, learning to oil pastel a flower, or your children's first art kit. You can find it here. 

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boxes and packs

Ready-To-Create art packs complete with fresh paper, instructions, templates, tracers and more mailed right to your door! Choose from a variety of themes and project types. 


Expand your  collection of art supplies or start one from new! Shop supplies à la carte or stock up with all-inclusive bundles containing a range of supplies tailored to age and skill. 


Customized for each skill level, Dots and Doodles Art provides step-by-step instructions, media tutorials, and helpful tips through project pack instructions and free online videos.

learn with us!


Art is better when shared with others. Join the Dots and Doodles Art Community! Stuck on a step? Ask for advice! Love your work? Share your masterpiece here! 



Art Supply

The feel of freshly sharpened colored pencils.

The smell of a pack of brand new pastel crayons.

The sound of a brand new marker cap popping off.

These are just a few of our

favorite supply things!

Order some today and enjoy 

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doodle boxes

every doodle box includes between four and six major themed projects, as well as a few bonus projects, games, and tutorials.  projects explore different types of media including: acrylic paints, watercolor paints, pencils, color pencils, oil pastels, sculpting materials, and more! 

the boxes are loaded with all the supplies and materials needed for one artist to complete every project.  doodle boxes also contain table papers to cover work area, watercolor paper packs, drawing paper packs, canvases, brushes, paints, coloring utensils, and more! 

get artsy on your schedule, spacing the projects out or feel free to complete your projects in a couple of days. each doodle box is paired with a unique doodleU course page - an all-inclusive learning space loaded with video lessons, art games, bonus tutorials, downloadable coloring pages, and more!